Overseas Workers - Your Obligiations

Do you have overseas workers in your business or are you looking to employ someone immigrating to Australia?You need to be aware of Australian migration obligations and what they mean for your business.

Many employers do not realise the sponsorship obligations they signed up for when becoming an approved sponsor under the 457 visa program.
As an employer, are you meeting the training benchmark requirements to become an approved business sponsor and maintaining them for the life of the Sponsorship?
There are benefits to you as an employer in transitioning a 457 visa holder over to a permanent visa.

CCI Migration Services (MARN 1382192) has a range of free fact-sheets and can help you understand your obligations as an employer of an overseas worker.

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CCI Migration Services (MARN 1382192) provides expert advice with 45 plus years combined experience in immigration. We can help review your skilled migration requirements, provide efficient visa processing and make sure you meet Australian immigration obligations.

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